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Aiming the Spotlight

I’m rereading The 4:8 Principle.  Run, don’t walk to pick up your own copy if you haven’t read this– it’s truly life-changing!  I first read it about a year ago and I’m finding all-new insights at this place in my life that I didn’t catch the first time around.

The chapter I read today talks about where you are aiming your spotlight in your thinking and one of the exercises was particularly helpful, so I thought it might be applicable to you, too!  In fact, as I read it, I thought off-handedly, “I already do that on a regular basis” and I almost didn’t utilize it.  I’m glad I didn’t skip it!  The exercise is to write down 5 things in each of the following categories:

  • things I’m thankful for today

  • my strengths or positive traits

  • people who love me

  • things I’m looking forward to in the next 7 days

Even though I express gratitude on a regular basis, I found the action of writing these down to be really powerful and created a great sense of hope for my upcoming week.  The reason for writing 5 things in each category is to really dwell on the things that are going well, that are positive, and that God has gifted you with.  I tried to write down things that were less predictable (i.e. in the category of people who love me, I didn’t write down my husband or my mom, but tried to think of others in my life who really think I’m a rockstar).  After I wrote down my 5 things for each one, I read through them and found that it prompted me to think of other things that I’m thankful for, looking forward to, etc.  Try it– I think you’ll like it!