Live the Life

After my brutally honest post about parenting last week, I thought  follow up post was in order.  Ironically, the day that I wrote that (early in the morning before the small people were awake) ended up being one of the best days we’d had in a while.  They were helpful, played together nicely, got ready for school on time.  That right there was a gift directly from Jesus.  Important side note (I just feel compelled to share this with my readers): I often, as in most of the time, refer to my children as javelinas.  A javelina is a small hoofed mammal from South America that looks like this:

Doesn’t that remind you of your children?  Okay, so maybe not.  In reality, I just like the word and so I use it as much as possible.

One of my friends who has 7 children, yes I said 7, has an amazing business called Inspiring Moms which provides “professional development for the job of parenthood”.  Find it here.  The thing that I’ve heard her say over and over is “live the life you want your kids to live”.   This includes being intentional about building a strong marriage, taking care of yourself, and modeling what it looks like to love your life and be grateful


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