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Weird movie moment

I’m not a big movie person.  We usually go to the movies 2-3 times/year and we might rent something once a month.  I don’t really remember movies, nor do I like to watch them again.  (One caveat: I, like all normal 30ish people, watched The Princess Bride about 7600 times in the 80s and memorized most of the movie.  Can you believe that it came out in 1987?!  What?!)

This does have a point.  DH and I watched The Vow the other night and I remembered one of my other quirks that comes out sometimes when I do watch a movie.  The basic storyline is that Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) are in a car accident, she goes through the windshield and wakes up with amnesia and can’t remember her life with him.  (disclaimer: there is one quick shot of  Leo’s very cute bottom.)   As I’m watching him go through all the emotions of losing his wife and trying to win her back, here’s what’s going through my head.  “He needs his friends/church/small group to come around him and pray for him and bring him meals and listen and just be with him!  If only he had that support network and the assurance that God is going to work this all even though it looks hopeless.”  Yes, I know it’s a movie (actually this is based on a true story, but this happens to me even when it’s completely fictional).  I know I can’t actually change any of the story or have any influence on the characters.  But I want Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams to know what it’s like to know Jesus in their crisis and have a community group to surround them with love and encouragement!

Here’s the bottom line– I want EVERYBODY to have that!  I wrote in my last post about being Better Together and talked about the blessing of community that I have through my career.  I’m even more greatly blessed by the community I experience weekly through my church and community group.  It’s mind-blowing how much I love my church!  I can’t wait to get there on Sundays!   And our community group?  Seriously the best!  If you don’t have a church and live in the KC area, check out Indian Creek Community Church!

These are some of the best years of my life with Jesus and I love being on the journey with these people!  Do you think Channing Tatum would respond if I invited him to church?