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Weird movie moment

I’m not a big movie person.  We usually go to the movies 2-3 times/year and we might rent something once a month.  I don’t really remember movies, nor do I like to watch them again.  (One caveat: I, like all normal 30ish people, watched The Princess Bride about 7600 times in the 80s and memorized most of the movie.  Can you believe that it came out in 1987?!  What?!)

This does have a point.  DH and I watched The Vow the other night and I remembered one of my other quirks that comes out sometimes when I do watch a movie.  The basic storyline is that Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) are in a car accident, she goes through the windshield and wakes up with amnesia and can’t remember her life with him.  (disclaimer: there is one quick shot of  Leo’s very cute bottom.)   As I’m watching him go through all the emotions of losing his wife and trying to win her back, here’s what’s going through my head.  “He needs his friends/church/small group to come around him and pray for him and bring him meals and listen and just be with him!  If only he had that support network and the assurance that God is going to work this all even though it looks hopeless.”  Yes, I know it’s a movie (actually this is based on a true story, but this happens to me even when it’s completely fictional).  I know I can’t actually change any of the story or have any influence on the characters.  But I want Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams to know what it’s like to know Jesus in their crisis and have a community group to surround them with love and encouragement!

Here’s the bottom line– I want EVERYBODY to have that!  I wrote in my last post about being Better Together and talked about the blessing of community that I have through my career.  I’m even more greatly blessed by the community I experience weekly through my church and community group.  It’s mind-blowing how much I love my church!  I can’t wait to get there on Sundays!   And our community group?  Seriously the best!  If you don’t have a church and live in the KC area, check out Indian Creek Community Church!

These are some of the best years of my life with Jesus and I love being on the journey with these people!  Do you think Channing Tatum would respond if I invited him to church?


Better together

There have been many, many times in my life when I have been lonely.  This phase of my life is not one of them!  I am ridiculously, extravagantly rich in relationships right now and I’m finding more and more that it is what life is all about.

Nine years ago, God gave me the courage to try something new.  I was happy in my career as a personal chef, I owned my own business and was fairly successful.  I had a 6-month-old baby, my husband was working full-time and going to school full-time, so we were not looking for something to add to our schedule.  And yet, I decided to become a Mary Kay beauty consultant!  I was completely freaked out about the whole idea, but I also had a little spark of hope that maybe it would turn out to be something great.  That decision launched who I would become today, as a leader, as a parent, and as a follower of Jesus. 

I’ve always felt called to reach out to people who don’t yet know God or who are far from Him, but earlier in my life was frustrated by my seeming lack of tools and resources to do so.  It was difficult for me to talk to people and I often stumbled over my words or was too afraid to reach out.  This career that God chose for me has given me people skills and personal growth that are priceless and have had eternal impact in many lives.

The culture of Mary Kay is such that we don’t compete with one another, there are no cutthroat sales battles, we’re all cheering each other on.  When you truly spend time on a regular basis with others who are ambitious, yet generous; successful and willing to share their ideas with you; looking for ways to build you up and believe in you, it changes who you become!  Hearing “you’re amazing” and “I know you can do it” and “so you missed that goal?  Don’t worry– pick yourself back up and try again!” changes you!

More than anything, I love what I do because of the platform it gives me.  I get a window into so many people’s lives and stories.  I get to be on the journey with them, speak words of hope and encouragement, watch them grow into their potential.  I get to pray with and for them, love on them… we really are better together!

Back online!

Hello, fabulous readers!  I’ve missed you!  I am finally back to the land of the living, after moving 3.5 miles from our old house of 10 years, to our new house.  My happiness tidbit for today is: do not, I repeat, do not EVER be without internet access because you will feel as though you are missing a limb.  Oh wait, no.  That’s not the happiness tidbit, that’s just my personal hassle of the week.  Sorry, I lost it there for a minute.

I imagine many of you have moved many more than once in the last 10 years.  In my first 10 years of life, I lived in 6 different houses, 2 of those moves were cross-country.  Bless my parents’ little hearts, they were INSANE!  Now I’m a girl who likes change and who is up for adventure, but that is just craziness.

Here’s what I’ve learned about moving. I don’t know that this is terribly profound, but I’ve lost approximately 850,000 brain cells in the process, so you’re going to have to take what you can get from me today.

  1. I’m glad I’m a throw-er away-er.  After 10 years and adding 2 additional family members, you accumulate a lot of stuff.  But, I regularly go through things and toss/donate/recycle so we had much less crap-o than the average non-thrower-awayer.

  2. You can choose to let the hassles of a move shut you down or you can go with the flow.  I’m not a master of going with the flow.  I really like things to run smoothly and go my way and be convenient.  However, I expected things to be less convenient than normal and it was easier to deal with those times when they came along because I was expecting it.

  3. Except when I did let it shut me down.  And in those times, I got to choose how long I was going to be mad and frustrated.

Who do you know that is dealing with something frustrating today?  How can you lighten their load by just reaching out with an encouraging word or helping hand?  Be intentional about stepping into the little moments of people’s lives and being a bright spot of hope in their world.  I challenge you to do that today!