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Better together

There have been many, many times in my life when I have been lonely.  This phase of my life is not one of them!  I am ridiculously, extravagantly rich in relationships right now and I’m finding more and more that it is what life is all about.

Nine years ago, God gave me the courage to try something new.  I was happy in my career as a personal chef, I owned my own business and was fairly successful.  I had a 6-month-old baby, my husband was working full-time and going to school full-time, so we were not looking for something to add to our schedule.  And yet, I decided to become a Mary Kay beauty consultant!  I was completely freaked out about the whole idea, but I also had a little spark of hope that maybe it would turn out to be something great.  That decision launched who I would become today, as a leader, as a parent, and as a follower of Jesus. 

I’ve always felt called to reach out to people who don’t yet know God or who are far from Him, but earlier in my life was frustrated by my seeming lack of tools and resources to do so.  It was difficult for me to talk to people and I often stumbled over my words or was too afraid to reach out.  This career that God chose for me has given me people skills and personal growth that are priceless and have had eternal impact in many lives.

The culture of Mary Kay is such that we don’t compete with one another, there are no cutthroat sales battles, we’re all cheering each other on.  When you truly spend time on a regular basis with others who are ambitious, yet generous; successful and willing to share their ideas with you; looking for ways to build you up and believe in you, it changes who you become!  Hearing “you’re amazing” and “I know you can do it” and “so you missed that goal?  Don’t worry– pick yourself back up and try again!” changes you!

More than anything, I love what I do because of the platform it gives me.  I get a window into so many people’s lives and stories.  I get to be on the journey with them, speak words of hope and encouragement, watch them grow into their potential.  I get to pray with and for them, love on them… we really are better together!


Today I get to…

In the midst of the devastating events in Joplin and elsewhere recently, it’s harder to write about happiness.  At the same time, it’s things like this that drive me to explore this subject more.  What constitutes happiness when your home has been destroyed?  When you lose someone or your business?  I imagine it’s hope.  Where can WE bring hope to those who have been affected?

Have you watched The Rookie?  It’s an older movie and I haven’t seen it in years, but I was listening to a CD yesterday and the speaker was telling the story.  Basically it’s about a man who was a professional baseball player in his youth, was injured, and his career was cut short.  Then he gets a second chance at the big leagues.  He’s on a farm team, away from his family for 3 months, knowing that he’s probably not going to be the one to get called up, since he’s twice the age of the rest of the young guys on the team.  He decides to quit and go back home, but before he does, he takes a walk and observes a Little League game.  He comes back all fired up!  He grabs his best friend on the team and says, “Brooks, do you know what we get to do today?  We get to play baseball!”.  He remembered the love of the game.

What if today, you filled in the blank?  Today I get to….teach kids to love learning… use my skills to make my community a better place to live… encourage someone… create delicious food… inspire hope in a friend!  Today I get to work!  Today I get to be a mom!  Today I get to…